Обложка книги Glory (Penguin Modern Classics)

Glory (Penguin Modern Classics)


ISBN: 0141188510; 978-0-14-118851-5;
Издательство: Penguin
Страниц: 192

"In general "Glory" is my happiest thing." "The fun of "Glory" is...to be sought in the echoing and linking of minor events, in back-and-forth switches, which produce an illusion of impetus; in an old daydream directly becoming the blessing of the ball hugged to one's chest, or in the casual vision of Martin's mother grieving beyond the time-frame of the novel in an abstraction of the future that the reader can only guess at, even after he has raced through the last seven chapters where a regular madness of structural twists and a masquerade of all characters culminate in a furious finale, although nothing much happens at the very end - just a bird perching on a wicket in the greyness of a wet day" - Vladimir Nabokov.

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