Обложка книги Survive or Die

Survive or Die

ISBN: 978-1-84401-923-6;
Издательство: G2 Rights
Страниц: 240

Who is Colonel Jeff McGuire? John has never known his father; in fact, he always thought he was dead. So why did his mother hide an old newspaper cutting about a Colonel Jeff McGuire's disappearance in South Africa? And why the sudden interest from the British War Office in John's desire to find him? Things get even more mysterious when he reaches the United States: shadowy figures seem intent on following him; 'men in suits' are asking questions. Luckily, Dan, a truck driver, takes him under his wing, and the two begin a cat-and-mouse chase across the American mid-west with the aid of the Blackfoot tribe. When John's girlfriend, Jane, arrives, John's quest to find Colonel McGuire becomes a shocking revelation of a personal truth for her as well. John's ultimate discovery of the Colonel's whereabouts leads to discoveries about the man himself: his sacrifices, his secrets, and his need to protect his family, friends and country. He has a scheme for them all, involving yet another journey, this time to the plains of Zululand. But Jeff's past has a way of catching up with him. Will he ever find peace?

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