Обложка книги Shibe Park

Shibe Park

ISBN: 978-5-5133-2758-5;
Издательство: Книга по требованию
Страниц: 69

Shibe Park, known later as Connie Mack Stadium, was a major league baseball park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When it opened April 12, 1909, it became baseball's first steel-and-concrete stadium. In different eras it was home to "The $100,000 Infield", "The Whiz Kids" and "The 1964 Phold". Its two home teams won both the first and last games at the stadium: The Philadelphia Athletics beat the Boston Red Sox 8–1 on opening day 1909, while the Philadelphia Phillies beat the Montreal Expos 2–1 on October 1, 1970, in the park's final contest.

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