Обложка книги Another World

Another World

ISBN: 9781844012848;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 96

In March 1972 a young farmer on his way to college was thrown from a car and suffered serious head injuries. He survived... just. An active stock rearer, Ian Litchfield - known as 'Beef' - was a keen rugby player and proud of his physique. Now he was sent to another world. A world of slow speech, tortuous movement, fatigue, headaches and depression. This is the story of his fight back to a full, active life of work, leisure and physical wholeness. It's taken Ian thirty years, and the breakthrough only happened recently. He wants you to know about his recovery, and about the Headway charity in Northampton that helps people like him. Can you help too, by buying Another World? 20% of the profits from sales of Another World will go to the Headway Charity for people with serious head injuries

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