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William Shakespeare

King Richard II (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)

Обложка книги King Richard II (The New Cambridge Shakespeare)

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ISBN: 0521532485, 9780521532488
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 252
Book DescriptionAndrew Gurr has added a new section to the Introduction of this updated edition in which he describes the growing interest in new historical and political analysis of the play. He also surveys a number of important professional theatre productions and guides the reader through scholarly criticism of recent years. The Reading List has been revised and augmented. First Edition Hb (1984): 0-521-23010-1 First Edition Pb (1984): 0-521-29765-6Download DescriptionTo Shakespeare's contemporaries, Richard II was a balanced dramatisation of the central political and constitutional issue of the time, how to cope with an unjust ruler. But over the last century or so, the play came to be regarded as the poetic fall of a tragic hero. The Introduction to this edition provides a full context for both the Shakespearean and the modern views of King Richard's fall. For this updated edition the editor has added a new section to the Introduction which takes account of the number of...