Обложка книги Deixis in Narrative: A Cognitive Science Perspective

Deixis in Narrative: A Cognitive Science Perspective

ISBN: 0805814620;
Издательство: Lawrence Erlbaum
Страниц: 536

The book is well-organized, and does not suffer from incoherence....this is accomplished, on the one hand, by the editors, who have written an instructive preface in which they glue the chapters together, and, on the other hand, by the authors, who have taken much effort to explain why their work fits into this particular volume. The latter becomes clear, for instance, by frequently occurring references to work by the other authors....the chapters provide much insight into how narrative works, especially in ways that an author can lead readers through the story world, in terms of space, time, and the experience of subjectivity. —Computational Linguistics The book is a valuable contribution the understanding of deixis and narratives. There is no doubt that it is of interest to linguists interested in discourse analysis. —The Phonetician