Обложка книги 20 Questions to Ask About Wills & Estates (20 Questions)

20 Questions to Ask About Wills & Estates (20 Questions)


ISBN: 156414853X;
Издательство: Career Press
Страниц: 143

Think what would happen if the breadwinner(s) in your family died suddenly. How well has the family's well-being and financial security been provided for? How much has been left to chance? 20 Questions to Ask about Wills & Estates will help you and your loved ones expect ? and plan for ? the unexpected. Learn how to use Will and estate planning to preserve and pass on wealth to loved ones, to make the most of insurance and retirement benefits, to minimize taxes and to promote family welfare and harmony. The authors, a father/son legal team with more than 65 years' experience counseling real people in real situations, cut through the legal mumbo jumbo in preparing a last will and testament. Get answers to questions like: ? How do I avoid being kept alive artificially ? or prevent having treatment stopped ? if I become in capacitated? ? What are the best ways to avoid probate court tying up your property? ? How much/little can I leave my...