Обложка книги For Us and for Our Salvation

For Us and for Our Salvation

ISBN: 9781906327071;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 146

Often caricatured, so-called 'limited atonement' is the doctrine that Jesus came definitely to save those particular people given to him by his Father. In a clear and comprehensive overview, Lee Gatiss examines the biblical and doctrinal case for this controversial teaching, explores key moments in its historical development, and expounds its implications for ministry today. 'a masterful, mini-treatise... I heartily commend this clear-headed, warm-hearted treatment.' J.I.Packer 'Gatiss makes his case patiently, respectfully, firmly. Those who disagree will find themselves much better informed; those who are sympathetic will rejoice to see the case freshly made.' D.A. Carson 'a clear and succinct exposition... an excellent introduction' Carl Trueman 'perhaps the most thorough examination of the doctrine in decades' Julian Hardyman 'Every page a feast, to feed the mind and warm the heart' Alec Motyer LEE GATISS is...

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