Обложка книги A Volunteer Poilu (Dodo Press)

A Volunteer Poilu (Dodo Press)

ISBN: 9781406552898;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 124

Henry Beston Sheahan (1888-1968) was an American writer and naturalist, best known as the author of The Outermost House, written in 1925. He grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and attended Adams Academy in Quincy before earning his B.A. (1909) and M.A. (1911) from Harvard College. After leaving Harvard, Beston took up teaching at University of Lyon. In 1914 he returned to Harvard as an English department assistant. Beston joined the French army in 1915 and served as an ambulance driver. His service in le Bois le Pretre and at the Battle of Verdun was described in his first book, A Volunteer Poilu (1916). Following the end of World War I, Beston began writing fairy tales under the name "Henry Beston". In 1919, The Firelight Fairy Book was published, followed by The Starlight Wonder Book in 1923. During this time, he worked as an editor of The Living Age, an offshoot of The Atlantic Monthly.

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