Обложка книги Escape from Conica

Escape from Conica

ISBN: 9781627985772;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 210

In an America that achieved equality long before our own, Phillip Barcardi works as a security contractor. He's hired as a site commander at a major pharmaceutical company, only to be kidnapped from his post after learning the truth about an aggressive virus spreading across the East Coast, one that targets homosexuals. A small group of wealthy and powerful dissenters are hell-bent on forming a “New World Order” that will remold society into their twisted vision. As US citizens are choosing sides for or against homosexuals, Phil’s husband, Theodore Rosenberg, a high school teacher, is sent to a “containment” zone where accused homosexuals are infected rather than saved—all by executive order of the President. As Ted struggles to understand what’s happening around him, Phil strives to break free before the people in power infect Ted with the deadly virus. No matter what it takes, Phil will fight his way to Ted, even if it means exposing himself to the virus. He only hopes he won’t...

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