Обложка книги Tristan and Iseult (Two Renditions in English)

Tristan and Iseult (Two Renditions in English)

ISBN: 9781420945096;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 118

This classic of medieval literature is a definitive romance of Arthurian legend. In this edition are two versions of the tale. One by German born Gottfried von Strassburg (12th century) and another modern version by the Frenchman Joseph Bedier; first published in 1900. Both are landmark versions contributing to the story's rich history. "Tristan and Iseult" tells the tale of the young knight Tristan, nephew of King Mark of Cornwall, and his unexpected love affair with Princess Iseult. A drink from the love potion sets the tale into motion as their arduous journey becomes threatened by jealousy. Also at stake is the Kingdom of Cornwall, and Tristan must test himself to ensure the stability of the weakening court. This tale has been adapted into operas, plays, movies, and novels, becoming a classic tale of the perils of love. "Tristan and Iseult" combines courtly love, Christian allegory, and medieval mysticism in a colorful journey that remains as potent as ever.

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