Обложка книги Henley & the Book of Heroes

Henley & the Book of Heroes

ISBN: 9781607998761;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 438

'A hero needs a heart so he can do extraordinary things. Remember, Henley, every good story needs a hero...and a hero needs a heart.' Nine-year-old Henley Banks dreams of being a hero, but it's not until he receives a mysterious book from his grandpa that his hero's heart is awakened. As Henley dives-literally-into the Living Tale, he discovers a world beyond anything he ever imagined-full of amazing lands, an unexpected gardener, powerful glones, and an evil that lurks behind Henley's every step. Jump into the first book of The Living Tale Series with young Henley Banks in Henley and the Book of Heroes, as new author Jane H. Smith leads readers of all ages on a supernatural adventure into a battle for Henley's heart. In the midst of this battle, Henley's beloved grandpa is rushed to the hospital, and it seems that only Henley can save him. Not only that, but the Banks family is also struggling to hold together until their father returns from war. There are creatures that seek to...

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