Обложка книги From Dawn to Setting Sun

From Dawn to Setting Sun

ISBN: 9781627462112;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 168

Bill Pinneo blends drama and inspiration in From Dawn to Setting Sun, a set of four action-filled short stories. ""The Hermit"" tells the story of a man who lost everything and the growing boys who bring life into his existence as God intervened and sends unexpected messengers to renew hope where hope had been taken. In ""Submission to a Mission"" discover the love and commitment close friends can share as three college girls experience something no one should have to face. Susan goes missing, and the friends stumble upon an old murder investigation that will endanger their own lives. ""Love Has No Bounds"" features a love story that will thrill your heart and capture your senses. A former royal navy man, Derek Compton leaves the service to share his life with his longtime sweetheart Kortney. But will he find a livelihood to sustain their future together? ""Demons of Darkness"" portrays the deadly consequences of un-mastered sin. Tom's sins escalated quickly. Frustrated by sermons...

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