Обложка книги Mad Mama in Shattered Dreams

Mad Mama in Shattered Dreams

ISBN: 9781631220876;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 188

They took her boy! They took her peace! They destroyed her life! But in less than forty-eight hours, she fights to get it all back! From being distraught, to heart-broken, to hopping mad, Mona changes from a gentle, hardworking mother to an infuriated Mad Mama. When her son is kidnapped and the police aren't doing enough to satisfy the safe return of Mama's child, she and her family begin scheming outlandish plans to get him back. They race against precious time, face many dangerous death-defying struggles to survive, and cause a little chaos in the pursuit, all while following clues to find her missing son. They even bring back a shocking surprise! You'll burst out with laughter, cry tears of joy, and feel deep sadness for Mad Mama and her family as they travel through the gates of adventure and mayhem. There's a little Mad Mama in all of us.

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