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Tacitus, R. M. Ogilvie, E. H. Warmington, M. Winterbottom

Agricola. Germania. Dialogue on Oratory

Обложка книги Agricola. Germania. Dialogue on Oratory

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ISBN: 0674990390
Издательство: Loeb Classical Library
Год издания: 1914
Страниц: 384
Tacitus (Cornelius), famous Roman historian, was born in AD 55, 56 or 57 and lived to about 120. He became an orator, married in 77 a daughter of Julius Agricola before Agricola went to Britain, was quaestor in 81 or 82, a senator under the Flavian emperors, and a praetor in 88. After four years' absence he experienced the terrors of Emperor Domitian's last years and turned to historical writing. He was a consul in 97. Close friend of the younger Pliny, with him he successfully prosecuted Marius Priscus. Tacitus is renowned for his development of a pregnant concise style, character study, and psychological analysis, and for the often terrible story which he brilliantly tells. As a historian of the early Roman empire he is paramount.
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