Обложка книги How to Read Chinese Paintings (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

How to Read Chinese Paintings (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

ISBN: 0300141874; 9780300141870;
Страниц: 184

The Chinese often use the expression du hua, “to read a painting,” in connection with their study and appreciation of such works. This volume closely “reads” thirty-six masterpieces of Chinese painting from the encyclopedic collection of The Metropolitan seum of Art in order to reveal the major characteristics and themes of this rich pictorial tradition. The book examines multiple layers of meaning—style, technique, symbolism, past traditions, and the artist’s personal circumstances—through accessible tex and numerous large color details. A dynastic chronology, map, and list of further readings supplement the text. Spanning a thousand years of Chinese art, these landscapes, flowers, birds, figures, religious subjects, and calligraphies illuminate the maigoal of every Chinese artist: to capture not only the outer appearance of a subject but also its inner essence.

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