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Terence, John Barsby

Terence, Volume II. Phormio. The Mother-In-Law. The Brothers

Обложка книги Terence, Volume II. Phormio. The Mother-In-Law. The Brothers

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ISBN: 0674995988, 9780674995987
Издательство: Loeb Classical Library
Год издания: 2001
Страниц: 384
Language Notes Text: English, Latin (translation) Original Language: Latin Terence brought to the Roman stage a bright comic voice and a refined sense of style. His six comedies--first produced in the half dozen years before his premature death in 159 BCE--were imaginatively reformulated in Latin plays written by Greek playwrights, especially Menander. For this new Loeb Classical Library edition of Terence, John Barsby gives us a faithful and lively translation with full explanatory notes, facing a freshly edited Latin text. Volume I contains a substantial introduction and three plays: The Woman of Andros , a romantic comedy; The Self-Tormentor , which looks at contrasting father-son relationships; and The Eunuch , whose characters include the most sympathetically drawn courtesan in Roman comedy. The other three plays are in Volume II: Phormio, a comedy of intrigue with an engaging trickster; The Mother-in-Law , unique among Terence's...
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