Обложка книги Sharing Knife 1: Beguilement

Sharing Knife 1: Beguilement


ISBN: 9780061139079;
Издательство: HarperCollins Publishers
Страниц: 384

Troubled young Fawn Bluefield seeks a life beyond her family's farm. But en route to the city, she encounters a patrol of Lakewalkers, nomadic soldier-sorcerers from the northern woodlands. Feared necromancers armed with mysterious knives made of human bone, they wage a secret, ongoing war against the scourge of the "malices", immortal entities that draw the life out of their victims, enslaving human and animal alike. It is Dag-a Lakewalker patroller weighed down by past sorrows and onerous present responsibilities-who must come to Fawn's aid when she is taken captive by a malice. They prevail at a devastating cost-unexpectedly binding their fates as they embark upon a remarkable journey into danger and delight, prejudice and partnership. and perhaps even love.

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