Обложка книги Harry Gruyaert: Edges

Harry Gruyaert: Edges

ISBN: 9053306161; 9789053306161;
Страниц: 104

The 'edges' that photographer Harry Gruyaert, a member of the preeminentMagnum photo-documentary group, explores in this incrediblylush, full-color book, are the oceans, seas and rivers where humansmeet the edge and the water begins. This unusual, oversized volume,which opens from the bottom up, takes the reader to Israel's Dead Sea,the Mali River in Niger, the North Sea of Iceland, South Korea andBiarritz, as Gruyaert s sensitive photos record the subtle chromaticvibrations of the edges of the Orient and the Occident. This beautifullyproduced photographic 'manifesto' reveals the profoundly poeticcharacter of Gruyaert's work, the sensual elegance of his faultlesscompositions. An exciting book.