Обложка книги 80 @ 80: Reviews in Asian Affairs

80 @ 80: Reviews in Asian Affairs

ISBN: 1906146160;
Страниц: 270

This pertinent, fascinating collection brings together the 80 reviews written by Ivor Lucas for global publication Asian Affairs to coincide with the author's 80th birthday. In the context of political unrest in the Middle East, and the emerging realisation of a changing, unsettled Britain, these reviews, mostly for books, offer a gateway to a greater understanding of Asian, and Middle Eastern affairs, to a reader bombarded with the current unclear, potentially unreliable media coverage. The purpose of Asian Affairs itself is to strengthen communication and understanding and to offer a platform for exchange of information between Asia and Europe. Drawing on a long and varied career in the foreign office and abroad, during which he was appointed Ambassador to Oman and Syria, Ivor Lucas himself offers a thoughtful, enlightened perspective on all aspects of Middle Eastern life, with the reviews grouped under the headings: Middle East General, Arab - Israel, The Gulf, Levant, Islam,...