Обложка книги Identity Papers: Contested Nationhood in Twentieth-Century France

Identity Papers: Contested Nationhood in Twentieth-Century France

ISBN: 0816626952;
Страниц: 312

What does citizenship mean? What is the process of “naturalization” one goes through in becoming a citizen, and what is its connection to assimilation? How do the issues of identity raised by this process manifest themselves in culture? These questions, and the way they arise in contemporary France, are the focus of this diverse collection. The essays in this volume range in subject from fiction and essay to architecture and film. Among the topics discussed are the 1937 Exposition Universelle; films dealing with Vichy France; Francois Truffaut’s Histoire d’Adele H.; the war of Algerian independence; and nation building under Francois Mitterrand. Contributors: Anne Donadey, Elizabeth Ezra, Richard J. Golsan, Lynn A. Higgins, T. Jefferson Kline, Panivong Norindr, Shanny Peer, Rosemarie Scullion, David H. Slavin, Philip H. Solomon, Florianne Wild.

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