Обложка книги Call Me Zena: A True Story into the Unknown

Call Me Zena: A True Story into the Unknown

ISBN: 1434396835;
Страниц: 112

This is a TRUE story. This is how my story began.I was going through a very hard time in my life was admitted into hospital overnight in Dec.2005. I settled back into life so I thought. WRONG. I was having VERY VIVID dreams. I started to write them down. I began a journey that has NO beginning and NO end. This still is continuing as you will see in my book.On my 3rd dream I was given a MESSAGE by a lady that was showing me how to draw. She told me to get PAPER and CRAYONS. I have NEVER been able to draw. NEVER had an art lesson. I now have about 140 drawings to date. June 2008. My book is how this all came about They all have messages. I have met my guides in my travels and many other people along the way.You will learn as I did this is possible if you keep an open mind and listen to your inner self. I have described in detail how I learnt to Astral Travel. I was never aware of this. I have met many people on my amazing journey. You will see how my art work validates this. I want to...

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