Обложка книги Pool Design

Pool Design

ISBN: 978-3-86654-009-5;
Издательство: daab
Страниц: 384

Today pools come in all shapes, sizes, materials and designs in part propelled by rapidly evolving wellness and fitness trends that has shaped the look and the function of these glittering blue bodies of water. Tranquility and relaxation from work are central themes when designing business hotels, wellness retreats and spas. Paired to these aspects are the demands for water jets and Jacuzzis as well as additional rooms for massages, relaxation, beauty treatments, steam rooms, saunas and far eastern relaxation exercises. The materials used - wood, stone and stoneware - additionally enhance the beauty of the forms and the simplicity or complexity of the designs. This book includes a selection of 58 of the most interesting pool designs by international architects, not only in private, but also public buildings, hotels, holiday resorts and spas. Формат: 17,5 см х 23,5 см.

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