Обложка книги Jan Des Bouvrie: Learning to Look

Jan Des Bouvrie: Learning to Look

ISBN: 978-90-209-7181-1;
Издательство: Lannoo Books
Страниц: 184

Jan des Bouvrie has been one of the most famous and most successful Dutch designers for many a decade. He has created hundreds of striking buildings, designed interiors and a whole range of different objects and furniture. Starting from a very specific use of colour, he puts the spotlight on sober and stern interiors. Jan des Bouvrie, Learning to Look pays a tribute to a man celebrating his sixty fifth birthday. Thirty pioneering projects teach the reader how to look at form, colour, space and structure. Magnificent pictures by top photographer Cees Roelofs and a sublime layout by De Heeren van Vonder turn this book into an unmissable experience.

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