Обложка книги The Truth Shall Set You Free

The Truth Shall Set You Free

ISBN: 9781631228018;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 452

Yes, my precious child,' Doctor Wellington began. 'You had a child when you were only a child. You were in a catatonic state in the mental institution and there appeared to be no hope for your recovery.' Angelle began to tremble and tried to fight the panic. 'The authorities determined that even if you recovered, and that was doubtful at best, you could not raise a child in the institution' Angelle put her hands to her face and tears ran down her cheeks as she continued to tremble. 'Your baby girl was adopted by loving parents and she is happy and loved as if she were their own flesh and blood.' 'How do you know that, Dr. Wellington? I want to see my child and know she's all right. You have to tell me how you know all this and I have to see her.' 'Breathe deeply, Angelle, and prepare yourself for a shock' Wellington became teary eyed and in a broken voice he said, 'You have seen your child. You see her every time you come into my office.' Angelle gasped, jumped up, and went into a...

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