Обложка книги Testimony of War. Book Two

Testimony of War. Book Two

ISBN: 9780994240712;
Издательство: Книга по Требованию
Страниц: 334

This book is not your average book of military stories rehashing previously published material. It is a mixture of unpublished personal accounts from ex-service men from the three armed services [mostly Australian] and some relatively unknown stories from the two World Wars. This is the second of four books. The culmination of over twelve years work. The contents are presented in no particular order, example; Army, Navy and Air Force sections. The reason behind this is to vary the readers choice. To give variety. Most of the stories are not long. The concept of the book is to present to the busy general book buying public, something that can be picked up, read a complete story, put the book down and at their leisure, read another complete story. There is no having to remember what had happened before hand as can happen to a full length story on the one subject. Great for people in a hurry or those like me who are lucky to be able to read a chapter before drifting off to sleep. The...

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