Обложка книги Cascaded Synergistic effect of Anthropogenic Climate and Biodiversity

Cascaded Synergistic effect of Anthropogenic Climate and Biodiversity

ISBN: 9783659159039;
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 68

The future of the present earth’s biological diversity is dependent on the human’s management and conservation measures. Human capacity to select and breed specific traits for his interest is the most dangerous impact for the biotas’ sustainability, even for the races of human’s too due to technological advances . Thus, this book publicizes synergy to biodiversity and climate, human impacts on biodiversity and climate changes and the mitigation measures to sustain biodiversity by refraining against aggravation of climate changes. This might be achieved by: * Creating awareness on co-evolution of biodiversity and climate, * Understanding cascaded synergetic human activities on biodiversity and climate * Minimizing / avoidance of one centered irresponsible accumulation of capital by the loss of biodiversity * Devise proper mitigation and adaptation program on the current climate changes to enhance resilience of biodiversity * Devise local, regional and global sustainable...

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