Обложка книги The Effect Of MET On Peak Torque Of Hamstring Muscle

The Effect Of MET On Peak Torque Of Hamstring Muscle

ISBN: 9783848442133;
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Страниц: 76

MET is an active technique in the manual medicine treatment procedure that involves the voluntary contraction of muscle in a precisely controlled direction, at varying levels of intensity, against a distinctly executed counter force applied by the operator. Now a day’s isokinetic exercise is a new dimetion in the field of resistance exercises and muscle evaluation. Wide range of perfomance variables are available for isokinetic data analysis for strength and power testing, in that the peak torque has been regarded as one of the main variable. Peak torque is the highest value of torque generated throughout the range of motion. MET has been proved as an effective treatment in asymptomatic individual to increased the peak torque of hamstring muscle.MET can be used as an effective measure for strengthening the muscle in a rehabilitation protocol.

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