Обложка книги Dragon's Teeth

Dragon's Teeth

ISBN: 193456849X;
Страниц: 648

This novel embraces the period from the Wall Street Crash of 1929 to the Nazi Blood Purge of 1934. Wm. Schuman, Professor of Political Science at Williams College said "There is nothing I have read, in prose or verse, fiction of fact, which has impressed me so vividly with the realities of National Socialism. Sinclair's pictures of the Nazi leaders are superb, and he has almost achieved the impossible in catching the spirit and atmosphere of the movement." As the noose of history pulls tighter, the men and women of Sinclair's imagining grow in maturity and power, and the readers of his story - wherever they may choose to pick up the thread - gain a new perspective on the world through whichg they lived and are living. A 1943 PULITZER PRIZE NOVEL! A Collector's Edition.

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Reprint edition
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