Обложка книги The Cambridge Companion to Dostoevskii

The Cambridge Companion to Dostoevskii

ISBN: 9780521654739;
Издательство: Cambridge
Страниц: 260

Key dimensions of Dostoevskii’s writing and life are explored in this collection of specially commissioned essays. While remaining accessible to an undergraduate and non-specialist readership, the essays as a whole seek to renegotiate the terms in which Dostoevskii and his works are to be approached. This is achieved by replacing the conventional ‘life and works’ format by one that seeks instead to foreground key aspects of the cultural context in which those works were produced. Contributors trace the often complex relationship between those aspects and the processes accompanying the creation of Dostoevskii’s art. They examine topics such as Dostoevskii’s relation to folk literature, money, religion, the family and science. The essays are well supported by supplementary material including a chronology of the period and detailed guides to further reading. Altogether the volume provides an invaluable resource for scholars and students.• Covers all Dostoevskii’s main works of fiction• The essays provide scholarly depth of analysis on a broad range of topics• The volume is well supported by a detailed chronology and bibliography

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Dimensions of Dostoevskii's writing and life are explor