Обложка книги Tabloid Love: Looking for Mr. Right in All the Wrong Places

Tabloid Love: Looking for Mr. Right in All the Wrong Places

ISBN: 0738210447;
Издательство: Perseus Books Group (Perseus Books Publishing, L.L.C.)
Страниц: 372

What if Bridget Jones were alive and well and living in Manhattan? Meet Bridget Harrison, a soon-to-be-thirty Brit, newly-on-the-scene reporter for America’s most famous tabloid, the New York Post. While her friends back in London are tossing their bridal bouquets, Bridget is chasing down the next big story-and her dream of becoming a topnotch journalist. But just when she’s perfected the art of interviewing complete strangers about ghoulish crimes, finding a mate in the Big Apple proves downright, well, impossible. As Bridget learns (the hard way) the vexing rules of dating in the ultimate singles city, a silver lining appears in her dating cloud: She lands her very own Post column about her quest for love. Each Sunday half a million New Yorkers read about her match-ups with urban Romeos, including a man who tells her she’d be "one hot chick if she made a bit more of an effort" (even though she’s wearing her Page Six pal’s designer cast-offs) and another who shoves her into a cab...

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