Обложка книги A Dictionary of Ethology

A Dictionary of Ethology


ISBN: 0674205065;
Издательство: Harvard University Press
Страниц: 352

This dictionary clearly and accurately defines more than 600 terms used in ethology, the science of animal behavior, in entries of one or two paragraphs. While there are several reference books dealing with ethology, the only real rival to this title is The Oxford Companion to Animal Behavior , edited by David McFarland (Oxford Univ. Pr., 1982), which covers half as many terms in twice as many pages, has hundreds of illustrations, and an index to the animals mentioned in the text. Smaller libraries can get by with the Oxford reference while larger libraries and natural history collections should have both titles. - Jonathan F. Husband, Framingham State Coll. Lib., Mass. Language Notes Text: English, German (translation)