Обложка книги Telegeoinformatics: Location-based Computing and Services

Telegeoinformatics: Location-based Computing and Services


ISBN: 0415369762;
Издательство: CRC
Страниц: 392

Telegeoinformatics is a rapidly emerging discipline focusing on the theory and applications of integrated telecommunications, geoinformatics, and mobile computing technologies. It uses geoinformatics (GIS, GPS, satellite imagery, and aerial photo imagery) in a distributed mobile computing environment where the mobile computers are linked through a wireless communication network and is paving the way for the merging of Location-Based Computing (LBC) and Location-Based Services (LBSs).This unique book covers the theory, technologies, and applications of telegeoinformatics in some depth, and should enable readers to understand, conceptualize, analyze, design and implement telegeoinformatics-related activities and projects, whether their backgrounds are in geoinformatics, telecommunications, or mobile computing. It will also be useful for undergraduate and graduate courses. INV STAT: Not yet published