Обложка книги A Dictionary of Stylistics

A Dictionary of Stylistics

ISBN: 0582317371;
Издательство: Pearson ESL
Страниц: 440

Over the past ten years there have been striking advances in stylistics. These have given rise to new terms and to revised thinking of concepts and re-definitions of terms. A Dictionary of Stylistics, 2nd Edition contains over 600 alphabeticlly listed entries: fully revised since the first edition it contains many new entries. Drawing material from stylistics and a range of related disciplines such as sociolinguistics, cognitive linguistics and traditional rhetoric, the revised Dictionary of Stylistics provides a valuable reference work for students and teachers of stylistics, as well as critical discourse analysis and literary criticism. The new edition explains terminology clearly and concisely, and unravels many ambiguities. At the same time it provides a general picture of the nature, insights and methodologies of stylistics. With numerous quotations; explanations for many basic terms from grammar and rhetoric; and a comprehensive bibliography, this is a unique...