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Ron Rubin, Stuart Avery Gold

Tiger Heart, Tiger Mind: How to Empower Your Dream

Обложка книги Tiger Heart, Tiger Mind: How to Empower Your Dream

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ISBN: 1-55704-621-2
Издательство: Newmarket press
Страниц: 176
Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold, the authors of the highly acclaimed Success at Life and Dragon Spirit, continue the journey in their breakthrough Zentrepreneur Guide series with Tiger Heart, Tiger Mind: How to Empower Your Dream, illustrated with a dozen wondrous Zen drawings. Through timeless philosophies and state-of-the-art insights, the authors reveal a charted path of lessons and learnings that will deliver the reader beyond the horizon to new vistas and unlimited possibilities. In this energizing volume, life-changing chapters include such topics as: "Dare to Dream, Dream to Dare: Create an Idea Log"; "From Know Fear to No Fear: Cultivate your Courage"; "Walk the Talk: Determine Your Direction"; and "Surround Sound the Vow of WOW: Find Supportive Someones." Tiger Heart, Tiger Mind is a guide for enlightenment and empowerment in the twenty-first century that can awaken the way within. Every page of this groundbreaking book reveals how to strengthen the will of...