Обложка книги Fritz Kreisler : Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy

Fritz Kreisler : Love's Sorrow, Love's Joy

ISBN: 1574670379;
Издательство: Amadeus Press
Страниц: 460

Amazon.comIn this post-Heifetz age, in which virtuoso violin playing is identified with perfection of execution, it is difficult to comprehend that within living memory the reigning king of violinists was a man who detested practice, loved to drink and gamble, was benignly casual about the truth when it suited him--sometimes passing off his own music as the obscure work of little-known 18th- and 19th-century composers, or embellishing anecdotes--and felt that too-precise execution of a musical work robbed it of its soul. Indeed, this would seem to be the profile of some legendary jazz player, not a giant of the classical repertory. Yet Fritz Kreisler--a onetime piano prodigy whose first career sputtered out after he lost the novelty of youth--as an adultdominated the practice of the violin during the years between the two world wars. His expressive and emotional style of playing enabled him to make contact with audiences in a way that earlier masters of the 19th century could not....