Обложка книги Alma Rose : Vienna to Auschwitz

Alma Rose : Vienna to Auschwitz

ISBN: 1574670859;
Издательство: Amadeus Press
Страниц: 408

Amazon.comPart family biography, part European and Holocaust history, this book traces the life of violinist Alma Rose, along with that of other members of her illustrious musical family, from her birth in 1906 in one of the world's foremost cultural capitals to her death in a Nazi extermination camp in 1944. It will be particularly fascinating and wrenching to anyone with similar roots. Alma was the niece of the famous composer and conductor Gustav Mahler, at the time director of the Vienna Opera, and the daughter of Arnold Rose, concertmaster of the Opera Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic and leader of his own renowned string quartet. Her older brother Alfred became a noted pianist, conductor, composer, and teacher. Alma, named after her aunt and godmother, Alma Mahler, was taught by her father and, both inspired and intimidated by the family's musical tradition, she became a fairly successful violinist. In 1930, she established a girls' orchestra called the...