Обложка книги The Beatles : The True Beginnings

The Beatles : The True Beginnings

ISBN: 0312319258;
Издательство: Thomas Dunne Books
Страниц: 200

Book Description The Casbah Coffee Club, which opened in Liverpool on August 29, 1959, was the brainchild of Mona Best, the mother of Pete Best. It is well known that Pete Best was the drummer for The Beatles in their early days in Liverpool and Hamburg. But less well known is that The Beatles’ origins were in fact at Pete’s mother’s club-it was at the Casbah and with Mona Best’s blessing that the greatest popular music phenomenon of the twentieth century began. And now, the basement club where The Quarrymen, The Silver Beatles, and finally The Beatles played over 90 times before they hit the Cavern has been reopened and revealed by this remarkable new book. The Casbah’s significance cannot be overestimated-it brought together some of the greatest names in rock music and became the catalyst for the Mersey Beat phenomenon that swept Liverpool in the early 1960s. Seen here for the first time in forty years is the basement’s...

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