Обложка книги The Go-Betweens

The Go-Betweens

ISBN: 1891241168;
Издательство: Verse Chorus Press
Страниц: 284

Book DescriptionThe Go-Betweens recorded six albums in the 1980s that are among the finest work of the decade, and earned them a reputation as "the ultimate cult band." And as a reviewer of the original 1997 edition of this book noted, "Unlike most rock groups, the Go-Betweens had personalities as well as talent"?which makes for a compelling read, even if you?re not yet a fan. David Nichols relates the Go-Betweens story with wit and verve, and for this new edition he has completely updated the book, adding chapters on the members? subsequent solo careers in the 1990s, the recent reuniting of Forster and McLennan under the Go-Betweens name, and the band?s flourishing second life in the new millennium.