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Scott Roley

God's Neighborhood: A Hopeful Journey in Racial Reconciliation and Community Renewal

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ISBN: 0830832246
Издательство: InterVarsity Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 216
Book DescriptionScott Roley was once an up-and-coming singer/songwriter in the contemporary Christian music scene, but then God called him to a different kind of ministry. He left his life of privilege, became a church pastor and moved into a disadvantaged neighborhood. There he began to learn hands-on what "loving your neighbor" required of him--social justice, community development and racial reconciliation. As a youth of the '60s, Roley attended the March on Washington and was captivated by Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision for societal transformation. Now, as a community leader and activist, he is embodying the ideals that are needed to forge a just society. Following Jesus' example of incarnational ministry, Roley's work demonstrates how God usesfaith-based organizations to change lives. This remarkable life journey exemplifies Christian hope in caring for the disinherited and renewing our communities, one neighborhood at a time.