Обложка книги Jerry Herman : Poet of the Showtune

Jerry Herman : Poet of the Showtune

ISBN: 0300100825; 9780300100822;
Издательство: Yale University Press
Страниц: 352

Book Description This revealing and comprehensive book tells the full story of Jerry Herman’s life and career, from his early work in cabaret to his recent compositions for stage, screen, and television. Stephen Citron draws on extensiveopen-ended interviews with Jerry Herman as well as with scores of his theatrical colleagues, collaborators, and close friends. The resulting book—which sheds new light on each of Herman’s musicals and their scores—abounds in fascinatinganecdotes and behind-the-scenes details about the world of musical theater. Readers will find a sharply drawn portrait of Herman’s private life and his creative talents. Citron’s insights into Herman’s music and lyrics, including voluminous examples from each of his musicals, are as instructive as they are edifying and entertaining.

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