Обложка книги Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects

Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects


ISBN: 0312206631;
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Страниц: 320

Kurt St. Thomas, a die-hard fan, interviewed Nirvana for the first time in 1991, just as they were catapulted from alternative-rock obscurity to massive stardom. He found a group of musicians devoted to avoiding popular rock-star conventions and creating the kind of music they wanted to hear. But when he last spoke with them just two years later, the band seemed worn down- conflicted about their success, and about having an audience that was the epitome of everything they attempted to rebel against. And their lead singer's heroin addiction was painfully evident. In Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects, St. Thomas uses a wealth of sources to reconstruct Nirvana's rise and fall, including: -The musical influences that formed Nirvana's sound -Fascinating stories about the creation of their three albums, and of the ideas that shaped their songs -A complete discography, and an A-Z list of every Nirvana song officially released. The result is a unique look at the now legendary band, written with the...