Обложка книги Berlioz: Past, Present, Future (Eastman Studies in Music)

Berlioz: Past, Present, Future (Eastman Studies in Music)

ISBN: 158046047X;
Издательство: University of Rochester Press
Страниц: 232

Book DescriptionThis far-reaching collection of heretofore unpublished studies ushers in the two-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Hector Berlioz (1803-1869). The contributors include leading music historians and two prominent historians of culture, Peter Gay and Jacques Barzun. The essays discuss Berlioz's views of the music of the 'past,' Berlioz's interactions with music and musicians of his 'present,' and views of Berlioz during the several generations after his death (the 'future'). A long-awaited piece by Richard Macnutt meticulously inventories and investigates more than two hundred letters and documents that are now known to have been forged but that have sometimes been accepted as authentic. Further contributions, from David Charlton, Heather Hadlock, Sylvia L'Ecuyer, Katherine Kolb, Catherine Massip, Kerry Murphy, Jean-Michel Nectoux, Cecile Reynaud, and Lesley Wright, consider specific aspects of Berlioz's creative work and critical reception. The editor, Peter Bloom,...