Обложка книги The Green Fuse

The Green Fuse

ISBN: 9781851495320;
Издательство: Antique Collectors Club Ltd

This book traces for the first time a green tradition in English art. English artists over the past two centuries have used landscapes of home - often quite specific localities - to shape their vision.<p>The story begins with Samuel Palmer, who transplanted vision from William Blake's heroic figures into the soil of English art. Palmer founded a tradition which has enriched artists in every later generation.<p>It is a history of constant challenge and renewing response - of intensely private men and women seeking and finding sustenance for their visions in the nature and climate of their own country.<p>For English art, which has usually been reckoned to show no continuity at all, this history may be definitive. It shows a national art drawing visionary nourishment - even as the writings of Shakespeare and the music of Elgar - from the land.

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