Обложка книги Here Comes the Minibus

Here Comes the Minibus


ISBN: 978-0-333-91605-6;
Издательство: Британия/Macmillan лиц.

Here Comes Minibus! is a two-level course for young children starting English for the first time.The story-based approach presents new language through imaginative stories and those which reflect the world of the child. The materials focus on listening and speaking and introduce reading and writing only in the second level.Key Features:Posters with re-usable stickers which encourage children to interact with the storiesCut-out album pages allow children to build their own'English Album'through the year to share with their familyMaterials for Christmas and Easter in Level 1 and for Bonfire Night and Carnival in Level 2A set of colourful FlashcardsThe Teacher's Book provides new ideas for classroom routines, dances and acting-out activities, as well as optional photocopiable reading and writing activities

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