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А. Бурганов, И. Бурганов, М. Бурганова

Московский государственный музей "Дом Бурганова"

Обложка книги Московский государственный музей "Дом Бурганова"

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Серия: Сокровища русского искусства
ISBN: 5-7793-0931-0, 978-5-222-18223-9
Издательство: Белый город
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 64
Формат: 230х310
Каталог работ скульптора А.Н. Бурганова из собрания Московского государственного музея "Дом Бурганова" - на английском языке. Прежде всего, это музей-мастерская, в которой творческий процесс продолжается. Она раскрывает для посетителей романтический мир современного художника, атмосферу рождения художественного произведения. House-Museum. Moscow State Museum "The House of Burganov" is devoted to work of prominent Russian sculptor Alexander Nikolayevich Burganov. He is an artist of world reputation. His works decorate squares of European, American, and Asian cities and are kept in collections of the greatest museums. In many capitals in the world, along with tremendous national galleries, there are a number of personal museums developing from artists` studios. The said museums enrich panorama of culture, making it more complete. Besides the Louvre, Paris houses museums of О. Rodin, A. Bourdelle, P. Picasso, О. Zadkine. In Stockholm one can find the museum of sculptor Milles, in Oslo - of Vigeland, in Duisburg - of Lehmbruck. The above list would seem incomplete without notable Moscow museums, devoted to Russian artists. They are the House-museum of S. Konenkov, Museum-studio of A. Golubkina, and the House of Vasnetsov. The House of Burganov has recently joined this constellation, standing apart from the others not only because of its unique collections. In it, there is a special architectural and artistic space, designed and created by the sculptor himself, and special scenography of the place. First of all, it is a museum-studio with everlasting process of creation. It brings to light the romantic world of a modern artist, atmosphere of an artistic work creation before visitors. Here works by Alexander Burganov, his friends and students are on display. In the exhibited private collections of the artist there are pieces of ancient art, Russian medieval sculpture and folk art, art of Western Europe and Africa, unique books and prints - everything that forms the world of the artist, which he creates around himself.