Обложка книги The Perfect Day: 40 Years of Surfer Magazine

The Perfect Day: 40 Years of Surfer Magazine

ISBN: 0-8118-3921-4;
Издательство: Chronicle Books
Страниц: 168

This wonderful collection of photographs and prose from Surfer magazine attractively captures the spirit and enthusiasm of the people who live to catch the next great wave. Skillfully edited and arranged by decade, "The Perfect Day" reflects, both in pictures and words, the evolution of the publication itself, from a fanzine for a small community of Californians to a legitimate magazine keeping pace with the exponential growth and globalization of the sport. There is truly something for everyone here, with excerpts on the philosophy of surfing, an enthusiast's letter home from Vietnam, and a piece on riding up an English river during high tide. The stories memorialize and reminisce about dramatic contests, known personalities, waves caught and missed, and some that should have been left alone. The photographs are spectacular, from skinny, mutton-chopped guys cutting lazy arcs on longboards, to a tension-charged photo of a surfer atop a 20-foot wave, to a page brimming with an...

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