Обложка книги Capturing Carbon&Conserving Biodiversity: The Market Approach

Capturing Carbon&Conserving Biodiversity: The Market Approach

ISBN: 1-85383-951-5;
Издательство: The Royal Society, Earthscan
Страниц: 392

For decades conservation has been based on the donor-driven principle. It hasn't worked. For centuries, environmental pollution or degradation has been addressed by the same attitude, the "Polluter Pays" principle. It hasn't worked. The cycle has to stop. But while everyone talks about using a market-driven approach, few know how to do it. Faced with the situation on the ground what do you do? What is happening? How can you engage a system so that it is self-sustaining and the people self-motivated? This book is written by the leading conservation biologists, ecologists, biologists, economists, lawyers, community and tribal specialists, financial specialists, market makers, environment specialists, climatologists, resource managers, atmospheric scientists, project developers and corporate fund managers. Формат: 15,5 см x 23,5 см.

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