Обложка книги The Learning Society from the Perspective of Governmentality

The Learning Society from the Perspective of Governmentality

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ISBN: 978-1-4051-5602-8;
Издательство: Blackwell Publishing Limited
Страниц: 184

This collection of essays considers a variety of educational ideas and programs from the perspective of governmentality, integrating conceptual and theoretical insights and empirical investigation of policy documents, and government technologies. Considers different educational ideas of enlightenment, creativity, participation, inclusion, learning, and critique; Offers an overview of French philosopher Michel Foucault's theory on governmentality and how his ideas apply to current developments in society and education; Investigates the intrinsic relationship between intellectual and practical educational technologies; A study of how educational practice and educational theory have played a constitutive role in practices of subjectivity which are crucial to "learning societies". Формат: 17 см x 24,5 см.

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