Обложка книги Analysis of Economic Time Series: A Synthesis

Analysis of Economic Time Series: A Synthesis

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ISBN: 0-12-515751-7;
Издательство: Academic Press
Страниц: 488

In this updated edition, Nerlove and his co-authors illustrate techniques of spectral analysis and methods based on parametric models in the analysis of economic time series. The book provides a means and a method for incorporating economic intuition and theory in the formulation of time-series models that are useful in forecasting, in the formulation and estimation of distributed lag models, and in other applications, such as seasonal adjustment. "Analysis of Economic Time Series" will be a useful primary text for graduate students and an attractive reference for researchers. Key features: Presents a self-contained treatment of Fourier analysis and complex variables, as well as spectral analysis of time series. Includes a detailed treatment of unobserved-components (UC) models and their time-series properties by means of covariance-generating transforms. Provides the formulation and maximum-likelihood estimation of ARMA and UC...

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